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Reading Cards and Wall Magazines for Primary Schools

About 150 reading cards with interesting stories and activities and 10 wall magazines to be displayed in the schools

Audio Cassettes

The self learning material prepared by RIE, focuses on 

  1. developing the listening and speaking skills

  2. providing exposure to different models of spoken English

  3. creating opportunities for practice

The content of the cassettes are so graded to suit the learners of different levels besides the general public.

General Proficiency in Spoken English 

An audio cassette along with a tape script provides practice materials for the sounds of English vowels, diphthongs, consonants, rhythm and intonation. It also provides material for an important aspect of spoken English: Word Accent. 

Recorded material in Spoken English 

This is a tape script accompanying a cassette with practice materials for vowels, consonants, pronunciation of suffixes, and word accent. 

Dialogues in English – I – For training in Spoken English 

A very useful supplementary teaching material in the Classroom. This cassette and script are handy to the teachers for initiating discussions and developing listening comprehension. 

Dialogues in English – II – For training in Spoken English 

The recorded dialogues and script give the learners appropriate examples of greeting, inviting and asking for information.  They are presented in real life situations to make them more familiar. 

Listening Materials in English for Secondary Schools

It contains interesting materials such as rhymes, dialogues and stories. 

Listening materials in English for Primary Schools

The pack contains sounds, sound combinations and stress and intonation patterns with   theme specific exercises for practice. Pre-listening, listening and post listening are the specified activities.

English Classroom:

A training module to develop language proficiency and pedagogy among primary school teachers effectively used across the four southern states. 

  • Teacher Development Talk

  • Audio Cassette

  • VCD

A Passage to English:

An in-service training module to promote teacher development among secondary school teachers of English with inputs on learning styles and strategies, non-threatening ways of assessment, different approaches to the teaching of English and interesting techniques for classroom transaction.

  • Travel Card

  • Teacher’s Travelogue

  • Trainer’s Treasure

  • Act! Action!! Activity!!!

  • Game Cards

  • Quiz Cards

  • Audio Cassette

  • VCD

English Around Us:

A set of 30 films for teaching English language to secondary school children using the Communicative Approach to Language Teaching. 

Titles include:   What’s cooking? New Friends, People We Know, Ma Liang’s Story, Follow the Rules, A Journey Into Space, If Only, Two Steps Ahead, Of Actions and Reactions etc.

Language Learning Channels:

A language learning package with 10 different channels to develop English language among young learners.

Play and Play: a set of 50 traditional games from across the country with language elements integrated at each level.

Play with Words: a variety of reading texts like picture cards, small books, big books and colour books to help children discover the pleasures of reading.

Hello English: a series of 20 interactive films providing meaningful exposure to the language with opportunities for children to talk, sing and play.

Enact English: a number of drama activities and songs to facilitate language learning in a natural and effortless manner.

English in You: a series of activities that help children draw out the language inside them and express their own thoughts and ideas.

Learning English is Fun: about 25 audio cassettes involving the children and the teacher in a series of fun-filled interactive activities and songs.

Writing in English: a writing book filled with pictures, colours and other imaginative games to develop the writing skills among the children.

English in Pictures: a number of pictures with a set of activities for each picture to help children use language in realistic contexts.

Machine Talk: an interactive CD to develop the basics of the writing skill among the children

Tell a Tale: a set of stories with beautifully illustrated posters to develop all the four skills among the learners.

English Classroom: RIESI Journal

A bi-annual journal with articles by ELT experts and practicing teachers