The library is a part of RIESI, carrying out a variety of activities.   It is designed to promote a better understanding of the latest techniques and approaches in the field of English Language Teaching and Teacher Education.

We have an excellent collection of over 22,000 books covering all aspects of ELT and other related subjects catering to the needs of our users.  RIESI Library is fully computerized and follows the Open Access System.

Locating Materials:


All the books in the library are classified according to ‘Dewey Decimal Classification’ system.  The books are arranged alphabetically author-wise under respective subject headings.


  1. English Classroom
  2. English Language Teaching Journal
  3. English Today
  4. Teacher Trainer
  5. Language Forum
  6. Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics
  7. ELT Forum
  8. Teacher Plus
  9. ELTIF


  1. Reader’s Digest
  2. The Week
  3. Educational World
  4. Employment News
  5. National Geographic
  6. Tell Me Why
  7. Sanctuary Cub
  8. Down to Earth

The current issues of periodicals are displayed on a separate rack and the back volumes are shelved in the stack section.


We subscribe to 3 English dailies,

  1. Deccan Herald
  2. The New Indian Express
  3. The Times of India

The newspapers will be kept in the foyer attached to the library.  Please note that they should not be removed from the foyer and taken to the rooms.

Library Hours:

Library timings will be as follows:

Week days                                                10.00 am – 8.00 pm

Wednesdays                                             10.00am – 5.00 pm

Second and Fourth Saturday                    10.00am – 5.00 pm

General Holidays and Sundays                 Holiday


The charges for photocopying are as follows:

 A4 size           :           Re.1 per exposure

A3 size            :           Rs.1.50 per exposure

The timing for photocopying is from 10 am to 5 pm on week days only

Library Staff:

Librarian                    -           Ms. Chandravathi. H

Assistant Librarian     -           Ms. Manjula. T

Library Assistant        -           Mr. Abhilash Y. G

Reader Service:

The books in the library are of two kinds.

  1. Reference Books
  2. Books for Issue

Reference Books:

The reference books are meant for in-house study.  Such books will not be issued.  The following table (although not exhaustive) will help you to know which books to refer for required information.

ooks for Issue:

The Participants will be issued an Identity Card.  Three books will be issued to each participant.  The books borrowed can be retained for 5 days.  The borrowing and returning of books should be done before 15 minutes of closing of library hours.

Please observe the following dos and don’ts when you come to the library every time.

  1. Maintain Silence.
  2. Keep your personal belongings (including the files) in the rack kept outside the library.  For all reference work only sheets of paper are allowed into the library.
  3. Return / renew the books within the due date specified, otherwise a fine Rs. 2/- per day per book will be charged.
  4. ID Card is compulsory for issue / return of books.
  5. Keep your mobile in silent mode when you are in the library.
  6. Don’t lose the ID Card.  Rs. 25/- will be charged for the issue of duplicate ID Card.
  7. Don’t take the book out until it is duly issued at the counter.
  8. Don’t take the book in until it is duly returned at the counter.
  9. Don’t damage or deface the books.
  10. Don’t lose the books.  Some books cannot be replaced as they are out of print.
  11. Don’t sub-lend the books.
  12. Don’t bring newspapers into the library.
  13. Don’t sit in the library during class hours.

A Book exhibition by the reputed publishers will be on display during the last week of the course.

Please remember that the library is not meant for use for just this course, but also for participants of future courses.  Therefore we would request you to use the library holdings as trust property and with due respect.  We look forward to your cooperation.