Diploma In English Communication

(One Year - Distance Mode)

Final Contact-cum-Examination Programme


The final contact programme-cum-final examination of the one year Diploma in English Communication course has been scheduled from 24.04.2017 to 17.05.2017.

Please note that you are required to submit all the assignments to be eligible for appearing in the final contact programme and examination and bring with you all the study materials and one passport size photograph when you come for the contact programme.

If you are an outstation participant and willing to stay in the Institute hostel during the contact programme, you may have to write to the Director, RIESI, Jnanabharathi campus, Bengaluru, making a request for accommodation in advance so as to reach us on or before 31.03.2017. 

The accommodation charges will be as follows for the entire duration of the programme.

Accommodation:             Men’s Hostel:           Men:              ₹ 3,450/- for the entire period of 18 days

                                         Women‘s Hostel:    Women:           ₹ 3,450/- for the entire period of 18 days

Food:                                ₹ 82/- per day per person for those who stay in the hostel

                                          (Breakfast, Tea, Lunch, Tea and Dinner)

                                          ₹ 40/- per day scholars (Lunch & 2 Tea)